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14/10/2018 · SCP-939 vs SCP-682 illustrated ft Madame Raven (With Many Voices vs The Hard to Destroy Reptile) 3/3 – Duration: 6:16. SCP ILLUSTRATED 687,518 views


SCP-343 is a male, seemingly race-less, humanoid in appearance with apparent omnipotence. SCP-343 was discovered walking the streets of Prague and detained after a staff member witnessed him disappear from the streets and reappear on a rooftop. SCP-343 is

Test Log T-98816-OC108/682 Cross-SCP Termination Testing for SCP-682 Due to the highly aggressive, adaptive, and intelligent nature of SCP-682, termination testing has been ordered, with clearance from O5 Command. With major concerns raised about possible

SCP-343 was discovered walking the streets of Prague and detained after a staff member witnessed him disappear from the streets and reappear on a rooftop. SCP-343 is detained willingly in his chamber, as containment has proved impossible (see notes).


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SCP-001 vs. SCP-682. Go with whichever SCP-001 proposal you prefer, or feel free to consider and write up as many as you’d like. Preferably, respond in termination log format.

Tales From The Bright Side Chapter 1: ”神”の御心のままに 「もう一度言うぞ、私はこの実験方針への反対を正式に表明する」そう私は言って、Dr.Sametの意見に対して申し入れた。やり手の新人研究者である彼は、どうやら昇進するには上位研究者に取り入る

r/SCP: Secure. Contain. Protect. The official subreddit for the SCP Wiki. God would obviously be able to beat the crud out of that demon lizard. He’d just grab his daily newspaper, smack him, and tell him to go home. 682 would just go back to the abyss, never

Tales From The Bright Side Chapter 1: Waiting on God oh! “I wish to again formally register my objections to this line of experimentation.” I said, addressing my comment to the turned back of one Dr. Samet, an up-and-coming new researcher here at the

SCP-343 очень любит общаться с людьми, и, кажется, имеет знания во всех областях. Многие сотрудники стали посещать SCP-343 ежедневно, и все

Liste de tests T-98816-OC108/682 Tests d’élimination de SCP-682 par rencontre avec d’autres SCPs En raison de la nature adaptative, intelligente, et hautement agressive de SCP-682, des tests d’élimination ont été demandés, avec autorisation des O5. SCP-682

It depends on the 001. I’ll go down the list and analyze each 001 proposal and how it relates to 343 in its own canon. As several of these 001 proposals directly contradict each other, many of the answers to the question will do the same. Sheaf of

SCP-001 vs. SCP-682. Go with whichever SCP-001 proposal you prefer, or feel free to consider and write up as many as you’d like. Preferably, respond in termination log format.

SCP-682 is a large, vaguely reptile-like creature with potent regenerative and adaptive abilities. One of the most infamous SCPs known to the Foundation, SCP-682 is thought impossible to kill. SCP-682 has a hatred of all life, due to both viewing them as humans


SCP系列 SCP-343 评论 havefuns 发消息 星星是璀璨的,可那光芒也会消失 关注 1.4万 相关推荐 01:36 [SCP搞笑短片]永远不要跟SCP-053玩 vv牌钢板 4.7万播放 · 182弹幕

Not another version of its kind. The 0 Death SCP is a portal to an alternate universe where all life suddenly just died. Including SCP-682 in that reality. It’s corpse was still there, but studies showed that whatever ended all life killed 682 as well. It can be killed if it

Also worth noting are the presence of multiple SCPs that are artifacts or entities from different religions – SCP-1444 is the Brahmastra, or a powerful Hindu divine weapon, while SCP-1447 is a clone of Steve Jobs that relies on Buddhist mythology. Dr. Clef’s proposal

SCP-343 is one of the most controversial articles on the site (and certainly the most controversial on the Heritage Collection) because it hits on a lot of cliches that have been hammered into the ground in the intervening years since it was posted. Specifically, it’s an

1400: SCP-682 recovers from exposure, despite the loss of limbs and organs. SCP-682 begins regeneration, stating that it will attempt to kill and consume all staff involved in Event 682-E18. SCP-682 appears to now be immune to SCP-409. Use of other SCP

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Kyleb79 wrote: isn’t 239 equal to 343 power and 682 had a incon with 239 in SCP-682 vs SCP-239 It was an incon because 239 couldn’t get around the immortality provided by 343, and 682

SCP-343-J: Nope, nope, can’t go to hell, hell doesn’t exist, heaven doesn’t either, no scientific evidence, God doesn’t exist, evolution is real, the fact that you would wish eternal damnation on anyone speaks volumes about whether or not you’re a good person

SCP-682, SCP-343. permalink embed save parent give award stormbreath Licensing Staff 8 points 9 points 10 points 1 year ago (10 children) 343 ain’t god also the scarlet king doesn’t exist permalink embed save give award corrutAmphibian 25 points 26 points

SCP 682, nicknamed Hard-To-Destroy-Reptile, is a massive, hyper-intelligent, reptilian creature with a burning hatred towards all life. It says that life is “Disgusting” and must be destroyed. The SCP foundation, who commonly harbor reality warpers and potential

한편 SCP-682도 SCP-343을 건드리려는 시도는 하지 못하는 것처럼 보였다. 이것이 무엇을 의미하는 지는 불명. 이전에 SCP-343과 실험을 위해 교섭할 때에는 ‘무엇이든 자기가 처리해 주겠다’ 식의 자신만만한 태도로 일관했기 때문에 브라이트 박사는 그가

I’m guessing 343 can obviously see 682. However he most likely knows that whatever he does to it the Brother’s will reverse it, so he made that phony story up. In retrospect; 343 could end 682 with just a thought if the Brothers weren’t guarding his existence. 343 via

Замечания: реакция SCP-682 значительна по нескольким причинам. Во-первых, это один из немногих инцидентов, в которых SCP-682 вошёл в контакт с

Despite being described as a “reptile”, SCP-682 is truly an alien beast that is unrelated to any other being in the known universe. SCP-343, a seemingly all-powerful being that claims to be God, was once asked by the Foundation to destroy 682, but 343 refused

SCP-343 został znaleziony, kiedy chodził ulicami Pragi, a pozyskania dokonano po tym, jak jeden z pracowników Fundacji ujrzał obiekt znikający z ulicy i następnie pojawiający się na jednym z dachów. SCP-343 przebywa w swojej komorze dobrowolnie, jako

SCP-343-JP-1-16: 収まるように左右端が裁断された100ドル紙幣で構成される100万ドル分の札束が5 束 分析: 紙幣はフォートワース工場で印刷されたものと完全に同一であった。確認できたシリアルナンバーの内、前3桁の「L 」は19 年時には存在しない番号

SCP-343 is, put bluntly, the creator of this universe and an infinite amount of others, according to him and those around him. He has never been shown to be unable to do things. The SCP Foundation has him listed as a sort of omnipotent being. Tier: 1-B

抹杀实验 SCP-682作为基金会最大威胁的无敌生物,基金会想尽了方法去抹杀他,但是就算将其量子化,他也能恢复成原来面貌 抹杀记录可在scp非官方中文翻译站查阅 [2] (很长很长一段) 来自宇宙的神秘存在Adidal的部下曾成功无效化了SCP-682,后来基金会

Laconic Description: SCP-343 is a male humanoid of unknown race that claims to be the creator of the universe (AKA “God”), There is no known limit to SCP-343’s powers. (When asked about his powers he walked through the wall of his containment chamber

SCP-343은 프라하의 길거리에서 발견되었으며, 길거리에서 갑자기 사라져서 건물의 지붕 위에서 다시 나타나는 모습을 재단 직원이 목격한 후 회수되었다. SCP-343은 격리가 불가능하나, 자발적으로 방 안에서 지내고 있다(기록 참고).

31/3/2018 · 項目編號:SCP-682 項目等級: Keter 特殊收容措施: 任何情況下必須盡可能快的摧毀SCP-682。目前,SCP小組沒有能力摧毀SCP-682,只能對它造成巨大的物理傷害。 SCP-682需要被保管在 5m x 5m x 5m的容器中,用25.4cm厚的抗強酸鋼板內襯在容器壁上。